Someday I will

When was the last time you thought, “Someday, I’ll […]” before filling in the blank with a goal for your future?

Maybe one of these will apply:

*Someday I’ll get a job I actually enjoy.

*Someday I’ll get myself in good physical health.

*Someday I’ll go back to school and get that degree.
*Someday I’ll get our family out of debt.
*Someday I’ll find that special person to marry.
*Someday I’ll join a good church where I fit in.
*Someday I’ll buy a house we feel comfortable in.
I’ve found that more often than not, we say “Someday” with pessimism instead of hope. It’s typically a fatalistic resignation to the death of some kind of dream more than it is a confident expectation for the future.

“Someday…” is a way of communicating what we wish would happen but deep down inside don’t really think will. Like a medicinal pill or therapeutic exercise, our dreams for “Someday…” are just a mind trick we use to get our dissatisfied hearts through one more disappointing day.

The reason our “Someday…” statements are more fatalistic than hopeful is because, in our sane moments, we know that we don’t have the power and control over our world that we’d need to have in order to guarantee the realization of our dreams. We also know that we’re reaping the harvest of poor choices we’ve sown that have led us to where we are.

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2 thoughts on “Someday I will

  1. Someday I will … great title ..
    Even I have always said someday I will
    But never got around doing it .
    Check my blog for Knock knock .. whose there ..
    We are on the page here .
    Looming forward for more.

    Liked by 1 person

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